Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We're Talking Swans on IPR's "Talk of Iowa"!

This Wednesday, April 5, I'll be talking about Iowa Bird of Mouth on Iowa Public Radio's Talk of Iowa with Charity Nebbe! How exciting! There'll be lots of eyes on the site, so get your trumpeter swan poems on! Plus, it's National Poetry Month. Swans & poetry: that makes sense! There's never been a better time to post a poem.

"Trumpeter Swan" by Polyphony Bruna

Polyphony is a brilliant artist and Ames High School student who is rendering our spotlight birds. 

Medium: Charcoal
Dimensions: 9 in x 12 in

"The decision to work with charcoal for April’s Trumpeter Swan stemmed from the purpose to portraying the underwater composition. First of all, this versatile medium would allow me to create both a smooth texture for the underwater background and a rough texture for the bird’s feathers. The contrast between these textures would help bring the bird to the foreground as well as convey the underwater scene. Furthermore, the monochromatic palette and soft or muted tone that comes with charcoal would create the murkiness of underwater. These elements would also mimic the deadened silence that one experiences underwater. The use of just a single medium diminishes the vibrancy of the piece, similarly serving to dull the senses. This snapshot of a swan is representative of April—the turn from winter to spring. At this moment, the swan has dived into the dark and muffling water, but it will soon re-emerge to the vibrant surface."

Saturday, March 18, 2017

IBOM & StoCoCon's Birdapalooza in the Ames Trib

Thank you, Todd Burras, for such a terrific write-up! And thank you, Jess, for all your hard work on this fantastic project! We hope to see you on April 1 at StoCoCon!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Catch us at Goldie's Kid's Club, June 7, 1-3 p.m.

We'll be crowd-sourcing poems about the robin at Goldie's Kid's Club, June 7, 1-3 p.m. Goldie's Kid's Club is the NEW State Historical Museum of Iowa club featuring mascot Goldie the goldfinch, as well as Goldie's Flight Path, a passport-like activity for families that involves all of our historic sites and museums. Cool! Their summer break programming is drop-in for families with children of all ages. How fun!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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Polyphony Bruna's "Bald Eagles"

"Bald Eagles" by Polyphony Bruno, IBOM's Young Artist
Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 7.5 in x 7 in

"To portray January and the idea of a beginning, I decided to paint baby Bald Eagles. For this theme, I chose watercolor as my medium because I could create a softer tone. I also limited myself to one medium in order to add a purity to the piece. This expands upon the 'original' or 'untouched' theme. This is continued with the compositional elements. There is not a parental figure present; instead all the birds shown have the same set of experience and knowledge. They are as yet untested and at the very beginning of their lives. This also maintains the purity of the piece."