Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Polyphony Bruna's "American Goldfinch"

Polyphony is a brilliant artist and Ames High School student who is rendering our spotlight birds. Coming soon, the Bald Eagle.
Polyphony's Eastern Screech Owl

Polyphony's American Crow

STATEMENT: When approaching September’s American Goldfinch, I chose to use a small, square fabric swatch as opposed to traditional paper. By confining myself to such a small surface, I was able to emphasize the small stature of this bird. This same goal was furthered by having the bird interacting with the head of a sunflower. By scaling the small bird beside the large flower head, the size of the bird would be put in perspective. Furthermore, the choice of combining acrylic paint and charcoal on top of fabric serves to create a texture that give this piece a folk art style. I decided upon this style because folk art often depicts and values the beauty in the everyday, which is befitting for the more common Goldfinch. September itself can be considered a more “everyday” month, presenting the last calm before the havoc of the winter holidays. In this way, the American Goldfinch is an appropriate representative of September.
Fabric; Acrylic Paint; Charcoal

8.5 in x 8.5 in

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