Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Polyphony Bruna's "Northern Cardinal"

Medium: Lithoprint; Watercolor
Dimensions: 22 in x 18 in

"Cubism was a movement in the 20th century that inspired many diverse branches of art. This movement is based on the idea of breaking down and reassembling an object. As such, its use to portray February’s Northern Cardinal is fitting for a month in mid-winter. If Cubism is the dead of winter, then the following blossoming of diversity within the art world is the spring rebirth. The disassembly of Cubism ties into the destruction of winter, and just as how this disassembly allowed for a rebirth in the art world, the destruction of winter allows for the rebirth of spring. Furthermore, the disassembly and reassembly creates a perspective shift. This associates well with the stark perspective shift that occurs between winter and summer. The choice to draw a brown female cardinal, as opposed to the more iconic red male, follows along with this perspective shift. Instead, the recognizable red color is brought into the trees and environment of the bird. This also serves to put emphasis on the change in environment accompanying the seasons. But more importantly, this red, which incites ideas of vitality and life, illustrates the vitality that exists in an environment that may appear dead and cold."

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